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In general, the language of instruction in the courses is Finnish. This may not apply to all the courses, in many courses the teacher is also able to instruct in English or another language.

Please contact the teacher in charge to find out the languages possibly used for helping foreign students in the course you wish to participate in. (Study guidance)

If the course description is in some other language than Finnish, the course is taught primarily in the language which is the subject of the course. You may register for the course if you feel that your knowledge of the language in question is good enough for participation in the course.

Courses taught in English in the spring 2017

900130 Heavy Metal Music in Contemporary History and Society (5 op)

3203067 Practical Mindfulness

110151 Guitar Playing in English

110153 Composing and Recording in a Group

119814 Street Photography according to Robert Frank

119816 The Art of Portraying Dogs

119819 Calligraphy – Spring Course, Enrich Your Calligraphy