courses taught in english

In general, the language of instruction in the courses is Finnish. This may not apply to all the courses, in many courses the teacher is also able to instruct in English or another language.

Please contact the teacher in charge to find out the languages possibly used for helping foreign students in the course you wish to participate in. (Study guidance)

If the course description is in some other language than Finnish, the course is taught primarily in the language which is the subject of the course. You may register for the course if you feel that your knowledge of the language in question is good enough for participation in the course.


Kalligrafian työpaja – kevät, Calligraphy workshop – Spring course
Susan Reed
Monday: 17.00-19.15 Tuesday: 17.00-19.15 Wednesday: 17.00-19.15 Thursday: 17.00-19.15, Töölöntullinkatu 8, classroom 210
9.5.2016 – 19.5.2016 (24 Lessons)
24 lessons, 125 €
Teaching in English and in Finnish.  → Enrol here!


Songs to Play
Musician and music pedagogue Antonio Narciso
Monday: 17.00-19.15 Tuesday: 17.00-19.15 Wednesday: 17.00-19.15 Thursday: 17.00-19.15, Töölöntullinkatu 8, classroom 801
16.5.2016 – 19.5.2016 (12 Lessons)
12 lessons, 65 €
An intensive course in guitar playing for beginners and intermediate level. Develop your skills in playing acoustic or electric guitar. Choose the song you want to learn and we will find the most effective and simple way to perform it. Study the basics of chord progressions, also scales and different modes, ear exercises, basics of song writing and much more. You have to bring your own instrument to the lessons. → Enrol here!


Street Photography  According to Robert Frank
Photographer, Photojournalist Alessandra Garusi
Wednesday: 18.00-19.30, Töölöntullinkatu 8, classroom 701
2.3.2016 – 27.4.2016 (32 Lessons), not on 30.3
32 lessons, 165€. The course consists of 8 times and 7 reportages produced by each student.

For beginners and advanced hobby photographers. The course aims at teaching how to shoot street photos. The students reportages have to be considered the core of the course. The use of out-of-focus, the rather extreme cuts, the recuperated over-expositions, the apparent randomness of scenes. You will get inspired by Robert Franks book: ”The Americans”. The course consists of 16 lessons in class 16 lessons private tuition. Private tuition is divided among the students. The teacher will comment on the 7 reportages of 36 pictures produced by the students. Examples of the work of the teacher: here!


Beginner Swedish for Foreigners 2
FM Jaana Martikainen
Thurs 17.00–18.30 (2 lessons), Töölöntullinkatu 8
31.3.2016 – 26.5.2016 (24 Lessons), not on 5.5.
24 lessons, 81 €
Welcome to continue learning the basics of Swedish! We will practise more vocabulary related to e.g. future plans, health, food and feelings by writing, listening and speaking. You will also learn how to express e.g. the future and past tenses and adjectives. The pace of the course is intensive and the assigned homework will support effective learning. The course is a continuation course from the Beginner Swedish for Foreigners 1 but it is suitable for all who have previously studied Swedish for about three to six months. When you have completed this course, your level of Swedish should be A1. Coursebook: Mål 1 Lärobok med CD (4:e upplagan 2012; Althén, Ballardini, Stjärnlöf, Viberg; ISBN 978-91-27-42561-3; publisher Natur & Kultur), units 6-10. This course is targeted at foreigners living in Finland and it is partly subsidized by Finnish National Board of Education (Opetushallituksen osittaisesti tukema kurssi).Enrol here!